Carrie Peterson - Owner / Teacher Maltese GroomDOES GOING TO THE GROOMER STRESS YOUR DOG?

I know, you drop your sweet Maltese off for hours.  Then after spending all day there, they often come home stressed and warn out. If you want to learn grooming for your Maltese I can teach you with my 15+ years as a Maltese owner. I am a previous AKC Maltese Show Breeder, and there is grooming styles I can teach you. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars a year on Maltese Grooming. Maltese grooming should start when your Maltese puppy is young. They can learn to enjoy grooming with lots of praise, repetition, and consistency. I groom Maybelline my Maltese once per week. I groom her in different Maltese hairstyles. Join below for step-by-step videos, and a private Facebook group to ask questions.